Our Brand Ambassadors Top Winter Beauty Favourites Revealed

Our brand Ambassador Ciara (MummysMakeupBlog) gives us her top 5 winter recommended Beauty Belle products she uses which will help get you through the Winter season. 

I find in Winter our skin need a lot more attention and we tend to neglect certain beauty routines in the colder months.

But I’ve found 5 products that make my beauty life so much easier. Quick and simple treatments that are also so affordable.

The NAPPA FOOT MASK WITH AHA’S keeps my feet soft and free from hard skin all year round. I apply a layer to the whole foot (top & bottom) and then pop my socks on. The masks works overnight and all the product soaks in by the morning. No mess, no fuss! And you get so much product, very little is needed.
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Nail Butter and Cuticle Butter


My nails can become very brittle and weak especially in the cold and if I’ve been wearing false nails too much. The QUIN PINK SHINE NAIL BUTTER is a miracle worker, even after 1 application I notice a difference. It instantly makes the nails appear healthier and stronger. After about a weeks use (once a day) my nails are so much stronger and even longer. This butter is also fantastic for softening the cuticles pre cutting. >>View Product Info

In the colder Winter months I still love to wear tan but removing it can be a nuisance sometimes! Until I started using the QUIN TWO PHASE PEELING SCRUB, its a mixture of grainy salt and avocado oil. I use this with an exfoliating mitt and any left over tan comes right off and my skin is left feeling so soft and nourished its unbelievable. I don’t even have to wearing tan to use this I just love how my skin feels afterwards. >>View Product


For an all year round glow I love the QUIN GLOW DRY OIL WITH SHIMMER, it’s the perfect finishing touch for a night out. Beautiful, subtle flecks of shimmer while the oil is very hydrating as it contains grapeseed oil. It soaks in very quickly with no sticky feeling and does not clog pores.
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And lastly I cannot go a week without using and amazing sheet mask that I know will sort my skin out! It depends on how my skin is acting that week but 1 mask that always works for my oily/combination skin is the TIMELESS TRUTH HYDRA INTENSE BLACK CHARCOAL MASK. This mask can be used for dry and/or oily skin types and especially dehydrated skin. It helps remove impurities without drying out the skin and provides an instant burst of hydration. My skin is always left feeling so soft for days afterwards, looks healthier and more radiant. >>View Product Info

Until next time…You can find out more about me and connect below.

Ciara  (Beauty Belle Brand Ambassador)




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