The Perfect Blogger and Brand Collaboration

Beauty Belle MD Michael Quinn explains what makes for a good collaboration.

Over the last 2 years I have worked with many Irish and UK beauty and lifestyle bloggers, influencers, collaborators. I have found some good, some bad and some truly exceptional and I do believe we are blessed with talent in Ireland and the UK.

We get daily requests for collaborations from beauty and fashion bloggers, so thought I would share what I would ideally like to see for a successful collaboration and becoming a regular collaborator at Beauty Belle. I now find approx 1 in 10 are interested once they read this.

I quickly can sort those just looking for some FREE products as will other brand owners, so I thought I would write some tips for collaborators looking to approach a brand.

If you just want FREE products or are not passionate about the company or brands then this will become apparent very quickly and will end up wasting both parties time.

If you aim for perfection you might just get there and WOW a brand owner. Choose the brands you love and use every day.

Before You Approach us:

1. Before you even approach the company or brand, do some research and make sure you like the brand(s) and it will work for your audience or philosophy, and preferably have used some of the products first. I will always give preference to collaborators/ bloggers who have purchased from us or use our products. That normally sorts the chaf from the wheat as how could you possibly say you love the brand if you haven’t even tried or worse still prefer using a different brand.

2. Stats are important, but not the most important thing. If you have under 500 followers, I am unlikely to consider and if occasionally we do if you show a particular passion or perhaps are already a fan of our brands or products.

So if you are chosen to collaborate this is what I would like to see:

1. Acknowledge receipt of products and share picture/ story. Don’t include other brands in picture as this is a NO NO.

2. Carry out review in a timely fashion, I would say within 2 weeks after receiving products, if not advise accordingly

3. Communication is really important throughout process and if not sure ask for clarification

4. Go the extra mile. If something is worth doing do it well otherwise don’t bother

5. Show passion for your craft, the brand and the collaboration.

Mermaid Fish Foundation Makeup Brushes

Preparation is Key:

1. Preparation is everything; Do a plan, trial run and make sure you have researched product, ingredients and hashtags for company and brands used.

2. Also check if promotional offer the price and USP for the product or key benefits over comparable products

3. Write down key points to you want to cover or your strategy. E.g. If you are doing a skincare product you might need to do more than 1 or you may need to revisit blog post.

The Collaboration:

With all preparation done, you should be much more confident and ready to go

  1. Make sure appropriate appearance and look professional when behind the camera. Smile, sound and look excited to try out the products, try to add some fun and show your personality. I don’t want to hear if you are having a bad day, postpone collaboration if that is the case. See the picture above from a collaboration and see why we loved it. Not everyone is a model but be creative and showcase the product in it’s best light.
  2. Show product and include before, after pics or video (We understand not everyone wants to show legs/ body etc but show what you can as wearing or using the product speaks volumes). Remember to tag company and brands and also use appropriate hashtags. Be Creative.
  3. If it is a skincare product or treatment you will need to take before and after photos and give regular updates on results
  4. Whilst I like honesty, focus on the positives, not just the negatives as not everyone likes all products or perhaps it may not just work for you (especially skincare)
  5. Advise what you liked about the product and whether you would buy again, and whether you think it does what it says on the tin and good value for money. I call it an explainer video and this is essential.
  6. Complete a blog post; This is still important as is a permanent record of the collaboration (benefits both parties) and will attract more visitors to your blog and the brands website
  7. Write a short review on website and Facebook as well as doing an Instagram post on the grid (Most people forget to do this)
  8. If using a product over a course of weeks remember to chart progress with regular updates.
  9. Always finish with the website link, product price and advise customers of any promos (E.g. Beauty Belle Offer customers 20% Off  using Promo Code “NEWBIE”) whatever platform you are using. Oh and tell them if you recommend and would buy again.

And here are some things you must avoid:

Don’t Spread Yourself Too Thin;  We find a lot of great first collaborations but then subsequent ones are not as professional or perhaps they are spread too thin as they take on too many or they work with too many brands. Choose the brands you want to work with carefully and ensure you give them the time they deserve, otherwise don’t approach or agree to collaboration. You may feel obliged to work with lots of brands but learn to say NO. Otherwise if you agree and fail to deliver then this will be a lot worse and you will certainly not get asked again.

Products End Up in a Giveaway; My pet hate is when I get a request for a collaboration which doesn’t get done in a timely fashion or even worse when the product ends up in a giveaway sometime later. This is a cardinal sin and shows a total lack of professionalism. If you don’t have the time or can’t complete in timely fashion, my advice is advise brand of situation and reschedule or contact them to organise their return.

DON’T Include other brands; If you are doing a collaboration for a brand, work on that exclusively and do not include other brands in collaboration or pictures videos, as brand owners do not wish to see this.

Just Look for FREE Products; Find a brand(s) or companies you love and you use everyday. You will enjoy your role much more and will be rewarded in the longer term with future collaborations or ambassador roles with the brand.

Follow these steps and you are likely to be getting lots of collaboration opportunities from Beauty Belle and other brands. Failure to do so and you are unlikely to get asked again.

Do it really well and you may get asked to Guest Blog here and your blogging crudentials will improve significantly…

Hope that helps and would love to find out if you apply these in your future collaborations and they make a difference.

Collaboration Opportunities for Beauty and Lifestyle Bloggers: UK and Ireland #bloggercollab

If you have a passion for hair and beauty, love our brands and ethos and want to be part of the fastest growing and most innovative Irish beauty company contact us to join our collaboration team.

Remember don’t approach us without trying the brands and having done your research.

But only do so if you LOVE OUR BRANDS and are willing to go the EXTRA MILE. You will be judged on the above criteria so you know what is expected.

You can request to join our group below:

Michael Quinn

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