Ambassador HERO Product Picks for March 2019

Ambassador HERO Product Picks for March 2019

Ciara Casey Beauty Belle Brand AmbassadorEach month our brand ambassador will choose her HERO product from Beauty Belle featuring a favourite hair and beauty product or treatment suited to the time of year to help you get your beauty routine sorted.

All products have been personally tested by our brand ambassador and will only recommend something they use and which works for them and shows great results or offers great value for money.


This month my hero product has to be the Silcare Cleansing Face Gel for Oily/Combination Skin. I find this leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft but maintains hydration. It’s also very effective for removing make up.

This unique product comes in 3 varieties for Dry Skin, Normal Skin and Oily/ Combination Skin is much more than a cleanser and uniquely moisturises and conditions skin as well. Great Value for 200ml which will last for ages. An essential for your skincare routine.

Quin Normalizing Facial Cleansing Gel washes and cleanses face, smooths, moisturizes and conditions the skin as well as rebuilds the lipid layer. It contains niacin (vitamin B3) responsible for the function of sebaceous glands, thus is the main active ingredient intended for problematic skin, e.g. acne, oily, with a troublesome T-zone. Reduces transepidermal water loss, improves moisturization of skin’s horny layer. The gel has cleansing, smoothing and oiling properties (due to lanoline). Moreover, it regulates the sebaceous glands’ function and is antibacterial (due to sorbitol) as well as neutralizes the damaging action of free-radicals (thanks to pro-vitamin B5, which acts as an antioxidant).

Quin Cleansing Gel Normalising for Oily Congested Skin


For oily and mixed skin
Sweet aloe fragrance
Skin-friendly pH (5.5)
Doesn’t contain SLES and SLS, allergens, parabens

Price: £9.95/£11.14













QUIN Face Cleansing Gel comes in 3 types suitable for normal skin, dry skin or congested (oily and combination) skin

Quinn Cleaning Gel for dry oily and normal skin























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