Ambassador HERO Product Picks for March 2019

Ambassador HERO Product Picks for March 2019

Ciara Casey Beauty Belle Brand AmbassadorEach month our brand ambassador will choose her HERO product from Beauty Belle featuring a favourite hair and beauty product or treatment suited to the time of year to help you get your beauty routine sorted.

All products have been personally tested by our brand ambassador and will only recommend something they use and which works for them and shows great results or offers great value for money.


This month my hero product has to be the Silcare Cleansing Face Gel for Oily/Combination Skin. I find this leaves my skin feeling so clean and soft but maintains hydration. It’s also very effective for removing make up.

This unique product comes in 3 varieties for Dry Skin, Normal Skin and Oily/ Combination Skin is much more than a cleanser and uniquely moisturises and conditions skin as well. Great Value for 200ml which will last for ages. An essential for your skincare routine.

Quin Normalizing Facial Cleansing Gel washes and cleanses face, smooths, moisturizes and conditions the skin as well as rebuilds the lipid layer. It contains niacin (vitamin B3) responsible for the function of sebaceous glands, thus is the main active ingredient intended for problematic skin, e.g. acne, oily, with a troublesome T-zone. Reduces transepidermal water loss, improves moisturization of skin’s horny layer. The gel has cleansing, smoothing and oiling properties (due to lanoline). Moreover, it regulates the sebaceous glands’ function and is antibacterial (due to sorbitol) as well as neutralizes the damaging action of free-radicals (thanks to pro-vitamin B5, which acts as an antioxidant).

Quin Cleansing Gel Normalising for Oily Congested Skin


For oily and mixed skin
Sweet aloe fragrance
Skin-friendly pH (5.5)
Doesn’t contain SLES and SLS, allergens, parabens

Price: £9.95/£11.14













QUIN Face Cleansing Gel comes in 3 types suitable for normal skin, dry skin or congested (oily and combination) skin

Quinn Cleaning Gel for dry oily and normal skin























Thicker Fuller Lashes and Brows with Regenelash Lash Oil

We asked our Brand Ambasssador Ciara from Mummy’s makeup to review our new Regenelash and has been using for the last 2 months with amazing results 

“I don’t think there would be someone on the planet who would say no to fuller lashes & I’m sure there are plenty of you out there like me who grew up in the era of skinny brows 😦 so I’d say there’s a lot of us trying to fill out our brows naturally.

There are lot’s of products on the market targeted towards these particular problems but some of them can be very pricey!

Well I have been using a product that costs less than €15 and I am super impressed with it!!

Working with Beauty Belle gives me the opportunity to try lot’s of new products and I jumped at the chance to try the RegeneLash Lash Oil Regrowth Serum.

The oils ingredients are safe and natural including a complex of vitamins A, E & F which support the regeneration of hair, Vitamin A regulates the formation of keratin which is the main component of hair, Vitamin E accelerates the process of keratinization and regenerates damaged hair follicles and Vitamin F regulates hydration & strengthens the root and hair shaft.

This oil also contains Castor Oil which leaves a protective film over the hair whilst also helping in reconstructing the hair.

It comes in a teeny sized bottle with 6ml of product and in the 5 weeks I’ve been using it’s barely made a dent in product. So only the tiniest bit is needed. I’ve a feeling this could last me in total 3-4 months.

It is an unperfumed product and does not contain preservatives or dyes.

I’ve always had ok lashes but in the last year I found a lot more falling out and sparser areas. Above is before I started the oil and you can see my lashes are not very full.

For the first 2 weeks of use I applied the oil 5 nights a week onto clean lashes and I applied just using my finger & a small amount of oil rubbing mainly along the root line and any excess through my lashes & brows focusing on areas of sparseness.

After 10 days of use I noticed my lashes felt much thicker and my brows were definitely growing hair rapidly.

My lashes have definitely multiplied so there’s definitely growth of new lashes hence why they feel much fuller.

The hair on the brows were slower to start filling out. Hair started growing where I would normally tweeze but after about 4 weeks they are slowly starting to fill out and get a nice shape.

I now use the oil 3-4 times a week sometimes 5 or 6. If I remember every night I apply. This has definitely become part of my night time routine and I will continue to do so.

For more info and to order please visit the link below.






















RegeneLash Lash Essential Oil Regrowth Serum 6ml with Free Eye Mask

Ambassador HERO Product Picks for February 2019

Ambassador HERO Product Picks for February 2019

Ciara Casey Beauty Belle Brand AmbassadorEach month our brand ambassadors will choose their HERO products from Beauty Belle featuring a favourite product or treatment suited to the time of year to help you get your beauty routine sorted.

All products have been personally tested by our brand ambassadors and they will only recommend something they use and which works for them and shows great results or offers great value for money.


My hero product this month has to be the RegeneLash Oil, it has worked wonders! Within 10 days I noticed a difference. It has replaced lost lashes and my lashes have volumised & doubled in thickness, so impressed. Also works wonders on my brows. Ciara


Regenelash Lash and Brow Growth Serum








Price:£12.95/ €14.50






My hero product this month is the Silcare Salt Peeling Two Phase Scrub for hands and body. I love using this scrub as it’s the perfect texture and it leaves my skin like silk. Not to mention the amazing smell which leaves you feeling fantastic. Erica









Price:£6.30/ €7.06




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Ciara Loves: Her Valentines Favourites Revealed

We asked our brand ambassador Ciara to come up with her favourite products on Beauty Belle which she recommends for Valentine’s Day either as a gift or just to treat yourself.

We love her choices and so will you, as she has personally tried and tested them.

Beauty Pro Hand Therapy Collagen Infused Glove

I love this hand mask as it really is like an at home spa treatment. The gloves are soaked in product and the skin is left feeling so soft, instantly brighter & younger looking.

Beauty Pro Collagen Glove










Quin Hair Keratin with Vitamins

This is a lovely lightweight conditioner for the hair. It smells amazing too!

Silcare Quinn Hair Serum





Quin Glow Oil with Shimmer

I can’t recommend this enough! Beautiful finishing touch for any look. I love to apply this to the chest and arms to give a glowing luminosity to the skin.


Quinn Dry Gllow Oil with Shimmer





Mermaid Makeup Brush

This is a lovely little brush to contour with bronzing powder. It’s also too cute!

Mermaid Fish Foundation Makeup Brushes








Barber Pro Gentleman’s Sheet Mask

Can’t forget about the men in our life and my partner really likes this mask. It is rejuvenating, hydrating and anti ageing.












Check out this amazing deal for all the make-up lovers, you will surely feel like a Princess this Valentine’s Day at an EXCLUSIVE PRICE.
Save £££s.


1. Pink Princess 10 Piece Pro Make-Up Brush Set
2. BB Body Shine Make-Up Lotion
3. Make-up Brush Cleaner
4. Blending Sponge
5. Timeless Truth Collagen Bio-Cellulose Eye Mask

RRP: £69.10 £39.99
 77.39  44.79

Pink Princess Valentines Bundle










HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! and we hope you have an amazing day.

Ambassador Picks Their HERO Products for January

Ambassador Picks Their HERO Products for January

The festive season is well and truly over and most of us have started on our New Year’s resolutions…

Each month our brand ambassadors will choose their HERO products from Beauty Belle featuring a favourite product or treatment suited to the time of year to help you get your beauty routine sorted. All products have been personally tested by our brand ambassadors and they will only recommend something they use and whicj works.

Ciara Casey Beauty Belle Brand AmbassadorCIARA LOVES

Ciara chooses the Timeless Truth skin gym for January, the 2 week intensive workout for your skin great for special occasions or those who just want to get their skin back in shape.

There are 4 Skin Gyms to choose from;

– Detox Skin Gym
– Sensitive Skin Gym
– Anti-Ageing Skin Gym
– Hydration Skin Gym

“My hero product for January has to be Skin Gym. It’s technically 4 products 🙂 but it’s a regime that’s a must for just after Christmas where my skin needs a lot of TLC! 4 masks over 2 weeks getting my skin back to it’s best condition.” Ciara

Ciara is currently undertaking the Detox Skin Gym to detox and re-invigorate her skin for 2019.


This month Erica chooses 2 Timeless Truth masks which are both innovative and of the highest quality to combat the fine lines and wrinkles and dark circles and the Lip Mouth mask to hydrate and plump the mouth and lips.






Timeless Truth Rejuvenating  Bio Cellulose Collagen Eye Masks.

“I love using the Collagen Eye Masks as for years I’ve suffered with dark circles which in hand make me look tired especially now with a baby so I adore popping these on and they give me a instant lift.  Pro Tip pop them in the fridge to add a soothing effect and excellent for puffiness.” Erica


2- Timeless Truth Bio Cellulose Moisturising Lip & Mouth Mask 



“I’ve never tried anything like this before and I loved it instantly. I always have dry lips and I found this lip mask extremely soothing and hydrating.  A really great mask for the Winter months.”

We hope you get a chance to try these amazing products soon and will be back with more Hero Product recommendations in February.

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Our Brand Ambassadors Top Winter Beauty Favourites Revealed

Our brand Ambassador Ciara (MummysMakeupBlog) gives us her top 5 winter recommended Beauty Belle products she uses which will help get you through the Winter season. 

I find in Winter our skin need a lot more attention and we tend to neglect certain beauty routines in the colder months.

But I’ve found 5 products that make my beauty life so much easier. Quick and simple treatments that are also so affordable.

The NAPPA FOOT MASK WITH AHA’S keeps my feet soft and free from hard skin all year round. I apply a layer to the whole foot (top & bottom) and then pop my socks on. The masks works overnight and all the product soaks in by the morning. No mess, no fuss! And you get so much product, very little is needed.
>>View Product Info


Nail Butter and Cuticle Butter


My nails can become very brittle and weak especially in the cold and if I’ve been wearing false nails too much. The QUIN PINK SHINE NAIL BUTTER is a miracle worker, even after 1 application I notice a difference. It instantly makes the nails appear healthier and stronger. After about a weeks use (once a day) my nails are so much stronger and even longer. This butter is also fantastic for softening the cuticles pre cutting. >>View Product Info

In the colder Winter months I still love to wear tan but removing it can be a nuisance sometimes! Until I started using the QUIN TWO PHASE PEELING SCRUB, its a mixture of grainy salt and avocado oil. I use this with an exfoliating mitt and any left over tan comes right off and my skin is left feeling so soft and nourished its unbelievable. I don’t even have to wearing tan to use this I just love how my skin feels afterwards. >>View Product


For an all year round glow I love the QUIN GLOW DRY OIL WITH SHIMMER, it’s the perfect finishing touch for a night out. Beautiful, subtle flecks of shimmer while the oil is very hydrating as it contains grapeseed oil. It soaks in very quickly with no sticky feeling and does not clog pores.
>>View Product Info

And lastly I cannot go a week without using and amazing sheet mask that I know will sort my skin out! It depends on how my skin is acting that week but 1 mask that always works for my oily/combination skin is the TIMELESS TRUTH HYDRA INTENSE BLACK CHARCOAL MASK. This mask can be used for dry and/or oily skin types and especially dehydrated skin. It helps remove impurities without drying out the skin and provides an instant burst of hydration. My skin is always left feeling so soft for days afterwards, looks healthier and more radiant. >>View Product Info

Until next time…You can find out more about me and connect below.

Ciara  (Beauty Belle Brand Ambassador)