Skincare essentials for MEN

By Michael Quinn, MD Beauty Belle.

As the owner of Beauty Belle, I thought I would write this article being a man it is important for men to realise they also need to spend some ME time. It is no longer a taboo for men to look after themselves and hopefully this will encourage other men to treat themselves…

For all the ladies reading this, you too can treat your men to some of these essential men’s skincare products and help them to look their best…

Here I reveal what my favourites/ essentials are and bear in mind I only use a few products and certainly not a junkie….

Essential Skincare for Men

As most men have oily skin, I would recommend a very simple routine and the QUIN Cleansing Gel used daily is an essential product. Even you use nothing else this will keep your skin looking healthy and fresh. I love this product and will last you for ages… I have 2 sons aged 17 and 21 and they use this product as well as this is great for acne and blemishes…

The product is multi-layered so deep-cleansing, moisturises and adds elasticity so really is all you need and use each night before going to bed.

There is 200 ml in the bottle so will last for ages and priced at just £6.50/ €7.15 and can be used by whole family teenagers etc.

2 other great products I would occasionally use are the QUIN Dead Sea mud mask and the Timeless Truth Clarifying Sheet mask, which is ideal for men’s oily skin…

Price: £6.50/ €7.15

Body Care

Here are the 2 products I use for body care.

QUIN Soft Cherry Shower Gel with Lanolin

Leaves skin beautifully moisturised and silky smooth.

Price: £3.50/€3.92

Luxury Touch Body Cream with Shea Butter

Use this once a week to intensively moisturise the skin.
Body Lotion with Shea Butter

You can now see all recommended products for men’s grooming. Click Here

Ana Zens Irish World Athletics 200m Champion

Irish World Champion Athlete Ana Zens Reveals her Beauty Belle favourites

Michael Quinn reveals more on this amazing woman…

A chance encounter with Ana Zens at the Curvy Fashion festival last year when I saw this beautiful lady taking photos, but she certainly stood out. Not one to miss an opportunity and I took the chance to introduce myself and gave her a complimentary Timeless Truth mask and business card.

Little did I know who this lady was at the time but as I followed her on social media I was amazed to find out that there was much more to her than I first thought and photography was a hobby.

So she is a runway model having graced the catwalk at London Fashion week, she also is a successful massage therapist in Dublin…

But I was surprised when she posted a picture as double world 200m athletics champion, at first I thought it was a joke but soon realised it was true. What an amazing achievement and a true inspiration.


I was also delighted when she posted a pic wearing our Timeless Truth masks and telling me how much she loved them… I was intrigued by this lady and I just had to meet her and see those 2 medals up close, so I arranged to meet her in Dublin to find out more…

When we met she told me was was going on a training camp to Europe I brought her a selection of products to try. She was immediately a fan of our Silcare products having tried our Comfort Relief Leg Lotion and Hair Serum and Vitamin sprays.

Our first Irish double world champion 200m athlete and Runway model Massage Therapist based in Dublin.

We are so delighted she loves using our products and is so passionate about them and kindly has posted pictures wearing and adding reviews on website and social media which I certainly hadn’t expected, nor did I expect her to love all the products so much.👏👏
“Thankyou so much Michael I am using @beautybelleire and @ttmasks on my face so was comfortable to run with no makeup on. I am so happy using @beautybelleire premium quality products I believe everyone will find something for them as there is such a great choice. I am happy with nail products my nails are so strong now. Adore all @ttmasks sheet masks. Happy with footcare products. All products have incredible smell. I like face wash liquid and hand serum..Can continue my list of favourites from Beauty Belle forever. You have to try them”

Her favourite products include;

– Timeless Truth eye and face masks
-QUIN Cleansing Face Gel
– Pink Shine Nail Butter & Complete Nail.Repair
– Comfort & Relief Leg Lotion
-QUIN Hair Mask, Serums and Vitamin Spray
And many more…

How proud are we to have this girl representing Ireland on the track and International runways a true inspiration, and even more delighted she now feels confident to run without her make-up on.👌👌
We wish her well on her training camp and upcoming Europe Athletic championships later this year👏👏

How proud are we to have this girl representing Ireland on the track and International runways a true inspiration.👌👌We look forward to working with Ana in the future…


Emmazingmakeup Reviews QUIN Body Shine Lotion and Body Glow Dry Oil

Thanks to Emma @emmazingmakeup for doing amazing review of two of our hottest beauty products for 2019, so here she explains the benefits of these 2 fab products to give you the ULTIMATE GLOW for a night out or where you don’t want the hassle of having to go through the full tanning process.







QUIN Body Shine BB Cream Makeup Lotion:

What exactly is this BB cream? Well loads of people have asked the same question and I am here to answer this!

I have been using this cream myself for a few weeks now and I LOVE it.

Is it a moisturiser? Yes!
Is it a concealer/cover-up? Yes!
Is it an instant tan? Yes!
Does it give you a subtle and natural glow to the skin? Yes!

This bottle does ALL of these things in one. It comes in 3 different shades, light, medium and dark and these are to suit different skin tones. It has a lovely sweet fragrant smell to it and light reflecting particles in it. When you apply to the skin (I used a tanning mitt) you can instantly see the colour and coverage of it. Both are light but effective. The light reflecting particles means that it photographs lovely, giving a healthy glow to the skin. As it is a moisturiser it is kind to the skin and my own skin has been in such good condition whilst using it.

This is perfect for a last minute night out, spring/summer during the day or night or those days you feel like giving your skin a bit of a glow without doing a full tan and all the while being good for your skin! At £9.95/ €11.14 it is a bargain. A definite must try!!

Emma @emmazingmakeup xx





SILCARE QUIN Glow Dry Oil for Body with Shimmer:

Another product I have been using and loving is this body oil. If you don’t like a sparkle (WHY not) this is not for you as it is super shimmery!

It comes in 3 shades and each are as beautiful as the next! I cannot stress how BEAUTIFUL this smells!! It smells of summer, its sweet and florally but no means sickly. This is perfect for over the QUIN BB CREAM for an extra sparkle. Or simply use on its own for a really moisturising body oil. It doesn’t clog your pores and dries pretty much instantly.

You will LOVE this once you try!
Emma @emmazingmakeup xx