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FREE NAPPA FOOT CREAM WITH NEEM OIL when you spend over £€15 today at Beautybelle.ie

Our feet are often subjected to contact with fungi and bacteria, thus their hygiene is very important. Nappa Foot Cream with neem oil thanks to its composition hampers growth of bacteria and fungi, ensuring feet with maximum protection.

The product owes its characteristics mainly to neem oil, also known as Indian lilac oil – plant from Indian sub-continent, which prevents development of more than 14 different fungi species as well as reduces skin dryness and itchiness. Neem is one of the components used in ayurveda, an Indian medicine system. Leaves and seeds of Indian lilac create limonoids, that have a wide range of biological application: they exhibit antibacterial properties and are traditionally used to treat skin inflammations, such as eczemas, psoriasis and certain fungal infections. The oil except for its property of inhibiting fungi growth also shows detoxifying, antipyretic and antiinflammatory action; if applied on hair, it smoothes and nourishes them as well as prevents dandruff.      

Foot cream also contains sage oil, which strengthens antifungal activity and eucalyptus oil, which combats viruses, bacteria and fungi, plus it give pleasant cooling sensation. Triclosan effectively inhibits the excessive growth of bacteria on human skin, reduces risk of infection and prevents bad smell.

Nappa Foot Cream with neem oil is a perfect product for athletes, pool swimmers and gym members.


  • foot mycosis prophylaxis
  • prevents fungal and bacterial growth
  • regenerates, moisturizes and nourishes the skin of feet
  • disinfects the skin of feet
  • ideal for athletes
  • herbal-citrus fragrance

Price: £4.95/ €5.50

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