QUIN 100% Natural Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face and Body

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Mud from the Dead Sea obtained by hand, subjected to the process of drying in the sun. It retains all the properties of wet mud. Regenerates, nourishes and nourishes the skin. It cleanses and smoothes it leaving it fresh, dull and moisturized. It stimulates skin circulation. The extraordinary cosmetic properties of the mud are due to the high content of valuable minerals and elements such as: magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, bromides, sulfates, carbonates and many others.

Comes with FREE Face Mask Brush worth £1.95


QUIN DEAD SEA MUD FACE MASK. The power of natural beauty

Comes with FREE Face Mask Brush worth £1.95

Dead sea mud have been used for generations to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin on face on body. We are delighted to bring you this amazing product/ treatment to Beauty Belle

Mud from the Dead Sea obtained by hand, subjected to the process of drying in the sun. It retains all the properties of wet mud. Regenerates, nourishes and nourishes the skin. It cleanses and smooths it leaving it fresh, dull and moisturized. It stimulates skin circulation. The extraordinary cosmetic properties of the mud are due to the high content of valuable minerals and elements such as: magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese, bromides, sulfates, carbonates and many others.

Dead Sea Mud can be an effective natural acne treatment and remove blackheads/ whiteheads due to the ability of the mud to absorb oil and skin impurities, thereby cleansing out your pores. It does all of this, while hydrating your skin and tightening pores.


  • perfect for the face and body
  • for all skin types
  • without fragrances
  • rich in valuable elements and minerals: bromides, sulphates, carbonates, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese
  • does not contain preservatives and fragrances


  • it regenerates, nourishes and nourishes the skin
  • cleanses, smoothes and moisturizes
  • improves circulation

300 grams

May Not be suitable for those with very sensitive skin.

Skin Tolerances should vary so recommend starting with short periods and building up as your skin gets adjusted as a strong product formulation.

May not be suitable for those with very sensitive skin, although a lot of feedback from those with sensitive skin found no problems.

If you have very sensitive skin you can order a 30g sample and you only pay postage.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE:Mud pour into a glass or ceramic dish, add a small amount of mineral or boiled water and mix until dense mass (in the case of a face mask, 3-4 small teaspoons and a dozen or so drops of water are enough). Apply a thin layer of mud to the skin avoiding the eye area, wash it with warm water before drying. The first application should be carried out for about 2-3 minutes and observe the reaction of the skin. Subsequent applications extend to 4-6 minutes. Ultimately, the mask is applied for 10-15 minutes depending on the individual skin tolerance. The treatment should last for 5-6 weeks, it is recommended to use twice a week. Redness and light burning are a natural reaction. In the case of severe skin burning, swelling or the like, the mask should not be used anymore. The mud is strongly irritating to the eyes! In case of mud contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. Keep away from children. Keep tightly closed. For external use only. Protect against moisture.

Pot Side: 300 grams

15 to 20 treatments

Additional information

Weight 0.35 kg

30g Free Sample, 300g Pot

26 reviews for QUIN 100% Natural Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face and Body

  1. Jade

    @beautybelleire have pulled through again with another quality product
    Today I am trying the Quin 100% Natural Pure Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face and Body by Silcare. This is not a one time mask it is one that you can regularly use to improve full and dry skin to regenerate, nourish, cleanse and smooth your skin.
    For my first time using this mask, I have found it easy to apply, not time consuming and I could feel it working as soon as I put it on my face. After 3-5 mins my face felt smooth, moisturised and cleansed deeply. I am looking forward to continuing to use this product to see the improvement in my skin.

  2. Emma Massart

    I have been using this mask weekly on my Sunday mask night. I love the fact that you mix the mask yourself, I apply mine with a brush. There is a slight tingle but it’s not irritating or painful. I leave my mask on until it harden and then rinse. It leaves my skin fresh, soft and glowing, I use it as my skin purge to reenergise my skin and add the glow back. Love this product and will last absolutely ages.

  3. Shona Robertson

    Myself & my daughter have used this a few times now, You have to make sure you add just the right amount of water or can be too runny. We leave on for about 5/10 minutes then rinse off to leave lovely smooth clean skin, will definitely repeat buy.

  4. Zara

    Hi all..
    I have been using the quin Dead Sea face and body mask now for a couple of weeks, I found it to rejuvenate my skin leaving it feeling fresh and smooth.
    I also have been using it on my upper arms where I have tinny little spots orange peel it seems to be helping with that making my arms feel smoother.
    The only area I had a little issue was my nose flaked my skin a bit so I’m going to avoid that area. I would recommend this product but not if you are really sensitive. You only need a few drop of water to mix with the mud then I applied with a spatula also after the first application I started to prep my skin with a mist spray with rose water. I will be purchasing this in the future to do a full body mask..

  5. April

    This product is amazing! My skin feels so smooth and is glowing! Highly recommend this product!

  6. Gabriella Swinyard

    One of the things I love about this mask is that you ‘make’ it yourself. This means that you can add water to suit your preferred consistency. I suspect it also means that it has a longer shelf life. I found that it went onto.my skin with incredible ease and I could feel it starting to work straight away. When I washed it off I could feel that my skin was smoother, firmer and just looked better in general. Definitely one to purchase again.

  7. Jan

    I’ve used this mask a few times and I love the results. Mix it yourself, but don’t use too much as it goes a long way. I leave it for about 15 mins and it dries quite hard, but it is very easy to rinse off and it left my skin feeling incredibly smooth, toned and glowing. I have a sometimes reactive skin and have used this with no problems, I plan to slot this into my routine twice a week as I’m so happy with the results

  8. Isabel O’Donovan(Issie The cancer Queen Bee)

    I loved this face mask. It definitely refreshed my skin. My skin felt cleansed and toned after using it. it was easy to use and I noticed an improvement in my skin after using it. I cannot wait to use it again. I would recommend it to my family and friends. It is genuinely a great face mask. My skin also felt lovely and smooth after using it. It will become a part of my skincare routine now. I love it!

  9. Stacey

    Amazing mask I love the fact you make it yourself.
    It feels great to apply the brush make it an easy process with no area being missed.
    My skin feels great after use I can see a difference straight away I’m very happy with this product

  10. Tracy

    I only used it as a face mask and was very pleased with the results. My skin felt squeaky clean and hydrated. I feel like it really did the job of taking out all the impurities and my skin felt soft after application. I did not get any redness or tingling sensation when I first applied it, baring in mind that I don’t have sensitive skin. For the first time, I did leave it on for 6 mins as instructed and it was fine I do not suffer from acne or blemishes and cannot comment if it does help in the long run. The second time, I used the mask , I had it on for the full 15 mins and it was still fine, still no redness or irritation. It is great at detoxing my skin especially when I normally wear makeup 5 days a week ☺️☺️☺️. highly recommend this and this is so budget friendly too.

  11. Rachel

    I was kindly gifted this product to try and it is amazing! My skin felt so soft after use and it felt like all the old skin came away and you were left with fresh new skin. Amazing product 10/10! Would highly recommend

  12. Joanna Matthews

    I love this mask! You can feel it working straight away. My skin felt so clean and refreshed afterwards.

  13. Vicki

    Best face mask I’ve tried so far,used so many that claim to get rid of impurities but this is amazing,skin felt thoroughly cleansed & so soft after,My skin is really sensitive so was expecting it to tingle but it didn’t but even though it left my skin slightly red it went after 10-15 mins and left with a nice glow.Great Mask.

  14. JoJo Quinn

    New to face masks and this one was perfect, my skin feels so soft after just like it did when I was younger!
    Thank you so much!!

  15. Lindsey Parry

    I have to say I like this product. I used it on my face. I mixed a little bit of product with some water then applied to my face with a mask brush, left it for 10 minutes and rinsed off with clean water. My skin feels fresh and rejuvenated not to mention soft. I felt the product working as soon as I applied it and I’m pleasantly surprised at how different my skin feels after just one application. This Dead Sea Mud Mask is something I would recommend to my family and friends.

  16. Prateeksha

    I tried the dead sea mud mask on my acne prone skin. It cleared the oil and made it squeaky clean in the first application itself. Will definitely buy again and hope to see improvement in the texture of my skin.

  17. Holly

    I’m absolutely in love with this product!! I just tried the Dead Sea mud mask for the first time and I am so impressed! My skin was so dull and so dry from a lot of medication but straight after using this product my skin feels so soft and bright. I will definitely be purchasing again!!

  18. Dawn williams

    Iv’e recently tried this product not only was it relaxing whilst on it also left my skin feeling fresh smooth and soft. I will certainly buy this product and i would recommend it to anyone.

  19. Oresta mcquillan

    This product is amazing. Allows your skin to indulge in all the minerals this mud mask has to offer while giving you that gentle scrubbing effect and removing dead skin. I put this mask on in the evening and left it on for about 30 minutes, when i washed it off my face felt very smooth, Just like after an expensive facial procedure.

  20. Hannah Mccahon

    I love this mask first time trying it and already my skin feels tighter,cleaner and has an added glow. I love that you make this mask yourself and only a little drop is all you need as I learned when I made my first batch and it turned out to be to watery. Other than me mixing it up wrong I can’t fault the product. Love it and can’t wait to see more results as I use it for a longer time. Thanks so much

  21. Kelly mcnally (verified owner)

    This mask is just amazing – you feel it working straight away – being a model I pretty much always have makeup on sometime for several hours and it can clog the skin – I just love this mask – it is my skin savior – thank you beauty belle

  22. Frances Connolly Hughes

    This mask is definitely up there with one of my favourites from beautybelle! It is super easy to use, you mix up the mask to your own consistency and I applied mine with a brush which I found easiest! My face was amazingly soft after and I felt so refreshed! This also lasts as long as you want it to depending on how much you use weekly which is definitely a plus!

  23. Caitlin Nash

    Easy to mix and apply. Sometimes I suffer with slight irritation after using facemasks but there was none of this with the deep sea mud mask. My skin felt clearer and glowing after just 1 use.

  24. Laura davis

    So easy to mix! Really beautiful mask, my skin felt so plump and glowing, I’m now using it every week in my self care regime.

  25. Megan

    I have used this mask twice now, each time leaving my skin flawlessly smooth, I will be continuing to use this over the next week’s and adding it into my skin care routine x

  26. Jessica Doherty

    I love how toned and firm my skin felt after using this. I liked experimenting with the consistency especially in my t zone where I applied the product a little thicker. My skin looks bright and glowing..even my partner loves this!

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