Smooth Legs After Depilation Lotion – Soothing and Cooling

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Smooth skin is a dream of every woman. In order to make this dream come true, we have created shaving lotion with triple action. It inhibits hair growth, moisturizes skin and improves comfort of depilation treatment. Thanks to specially selected ingredients this product allows you to enjoy smooth legs for a long time. Biocompatible emollients ensure optimal moisturization, and Telocapil™ slows down growth of unwanted hair. The lotion does not flow from skin enabling effective work with a razor .

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Depilation causes the sensation of discomfort and irritates skin. With Smooth Legs After Depilation Lotion you will never associate smooth legs with these unpleasant feelings. The lotion reduces skin redness, moisturizes, regenerates and gently lubricates the skin bringing the relief and pleasant feeling of refreshment. It contains provitamin B5, peach stone oil, menthol. Meant for all types of skin, especially delicate and irritation prone.


  • alleviates irritations
  • reduces skin redness
  • brings relief
  • disinfects gently
  • moisturizes and regenerates

Way of use: After depilation treatment with Silcare Smooth Legs Shaving Lotion slowing down hair growth, apply a thin layer of lotion on depilated places on skin. Massage it in a circular motion. Allow to absorb.

1 review for Smooth Legs After Depilation Lotion – Soothing and Cooling

  1. Louise Moran

    My first time using this product & so far really liking the results. I suffer with quite dry skin on my legs but I have used this in conjunction with the shaving lotion & have found that my skin is definitely less irritated & feels very soft.

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