Silcare Quin Face Micellar Water Liquid Moisturizer (Dry Skin)

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Quin Face Moisturizing Micellar Liquid removes makeup, cleanses, moisturizes, nourishes, tones and smoothes the skin. It contains sodium hyaluronate , which prevents water loss. It is an active ingredient with moisturizing, anti-aging and protective properties. Provitamin B5 acts as an antioxidant, eliminates the harmful effects of free radicals, and additionally improves blood circulation in the skin. The fluid contains, among others, vitamin PP, A, E, F and lactic acid , which strongly moisturizes the skin.


  • for dry skin
  • no smell
  • has an appropriate pH for the skin (5.5)
  • does not contain SLES and SLS, allergens, parabens

Application: the lotion is intended for dry skin

How to use : Apply the appropriate amount of liquid to the cotton pad and rinse the face until completely cleansed. It can be used after using the face wash gel to restore the proper pH of the skin. For everyday use.