Timeless Truth Mask Summer Sheet Mask Box Bundle

Timeless Truth Mask

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Timeless Truth Mask Summer Sheet Mask Box Bundle Offer

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Discounted Box Price: £38.95/€45 


The perfect selection of Timeless Truth face masks to keep your skin hydrated, glowing and healthy this Summer from across the Timeless Truth range.

Includes the following masks and skincare which have been carefully selected for optimum results this summer and are perfect for travelling! 


  • Timeless Truth Sunflower Brightening & Anti-Ageing Mask x 1 (Brightening, Hydrating, Sun Damage Repair, IR & Blue Light Protection)

  • Timeless Truth Moss Extract Revitalising Repair Bio Cellulose Mask (Hydration & protection from environmental damage)

  • Timeless Truth Aqua Superfine Mask x 1 (Hydration)
  • Timeless Truth Hydration Regenerating Skin Enhancement Mask x 1 (Hydrating/ Nourishing)

  • Timeless Truth Fair Radiance Skin Enhancement Mask x 1 (Brightening/ Uneven Skin Tone)

  • Timeless Truth Cooling Refresh Black Charcoal Mask x 1 (Cooling/ Hydrating/ Soothing)

  • Timeless Truth Collagen Anti-Ageing Bio Cellulose Under Eye Mask ( Hydrating/ Anti-Ageing/ dark circles)


Bonus Samples:

Timeless Truth Sunflower Energising Radiance Serum 5ml x 2
Timeless Truth Moisturising Cream with Moss Extract 5g sampler x 1

Includes Timeless Truth Luxury Gift Box & Ribbon in Black or White subject to availability.