Blogger Influencer Collaborations for Hair and Beauty Product Launches and Reviews in UK & Ireland

Beauty Belle are a forward thinking innovative Irish hair and beauty company bring great brands to the UK and Ireland offering professional hair and beauty products at great value to the Irish and UK consumer, backed up by  first class customer service.

Mermaid Fish Foundation Makeup Brushes

We are always looking to collaborate with pro-active beauty, fashion and lifestyle  bloggers and influencers from across the UK and Ireland to review and promote our company and our brands in their network or on their blog and social media platforms..

Note: You don’t need to be a beauty blogger or have a blog to work with us, but you must have a passion for all things hair and beauty and have some time to review professionally.

We have a range of opportunities for those who love and use our products/ brands as part of our routine, please note if you don’t love and use our products please.

– Product Reviewers
– Creative Content Creation
– Brand Influencers 
– Brand Ambassadors
– Business Collaborations

Our most successful collaborators and those who go on to be key influencers or brand ambassadors are those that love and use our products regularly, those who work with a large number of brands or those who do not use and love our products will not be effective partners for us, so if you are just looking for some FREE product samples then you should go elsewhere.

You will get the opportunity in the first 3 to 6 months to review a number of our products and those who love the products and use and are effective at promoting them consistently will get the opportunity to join our higher programs which includes influencer, ambassador and affiliate schemes.

For collaboration opportunities with Beauty Belle and start your journey please complete our form below. 

Please ensure you are over 18 and living in UK and Ireland to apply.

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BUSINESS COLLABORATIONS are one of Ireland’s leading hair and beauty companies offering some of the world’s most innovative hair and beauty products throughout Ireland and the UK.

As we continue to grow we are also interested in working with forward thinking like-minded companies who are interested in collaborating with us to help each other grow and interested in introducing our products to a wider audience.

We already work with a range of companies in the hair, fashion and leisure sectors for product placement; this includes fashion boutiques, wedding shops, magazines, media companies where we provide product placement to increase engagement across their social media networks and cross-promote our businesses. WIN WIN

If you have a non-competing business/ product or service and are interested in working with us we would love to hear from you. Get in touch via our contact page.